EEDURO Robot Family

EEDURO stands for the EEROS Education Robotics Platform. The goal of this project is to create a number of small, low cost, educational robots. These robots run EEROS and are designed as a platform for experimenting with EEROS. Currently, there are two main robots in development: a delta robot and a seven-axis robot. There is also a mobile robot with a Stanford drive in the early stages of development. A BeagleBone Black running Linux acts as a controller for the EEDURO robots.


The OmniMoBot is a mobile robotics platform that uses active caster wheels. Designed and built at NTB, the OmniMoBot is capable of omnidirectional motion and collision avoidance, and is able to balance an inverted pendulum.

Parallel SCARA

This high speed SCARA robot was designed for use with EEROS to demonstrate the capabilities of a parallel SCARA setup.

High Precision Components Positioning

Using EEROS and an industial SCARA robot, a high precision system for positioning small electronic components was created.